Recipes to Add Flare to Your Holiday Table

Photo by Element5 Digital via Pixabay

While it might seem like summer just ended, the holidays are right around the corner. Fall and winter gatherings are some of the most exciting times of year. It is a wonderful occasion to celebrate with family members, friends, and other loved ones. Those who are entertaining are likely thinking about what food and drinks they are going to serve their guests. While there are always the classic recipes to fall back on, this is also a chance to switch it up and serve something unique. Here are some fantastic ideas to make this year’s holiday celebrations a bit more exciting!

Fried Mashed Potato Balls

Sure, there are always those holiday dinner staples that people can rely on; however, fried mashed potato balls will have everyone asking for more. These delicious balls make perfect hors d’oeuvres for those times when people are catching up with loved ones and watching Turkey Day football! While they have a unique, fried texture on the outside their insides are filled with delicious cheese and bacon! Easy to make and even easier to eat, these fried mashed potato balls will have everyone wanting to come back for more next year!

Turkey and Stuffing Sliders

Many people are familiar with the turkey and stuffing that always make an appearance at holiday dinner; however, these sliders place a unique twist on the common dishes. These delicious sliders involve fresh veggies such as celery, onion, and carrots. Then, they’re combined with biscuits, turkey and stuffing! People will still be able to enjoy holiday classics with this exciting twist! Throw on some thyme and cranberry sauce and it’s an entire holiday symphony all in one bite!

Winter Dessert with Peppermint Cheesecakes

These no-bake peppermint cheesecakes are a fantastic winter dessert that will have everyone asking for more. This cheesecake recipe produces silky, smooth, mini cheesecakes that are perfect for dessert. They look small, but they pack tremendous flavor in each and every bite. Everyone who enjoys these cheesecakes will remember them for many holiday seasons in the future. Better yet, the recipe doesn’t even require an oven! No baking required!

Apple Pie Blondies with Salted Caramel

Those who are looking to incorporate some fresh fruit into their holiday desserts should take a look at these apple pie blondies. Blondies are a popular dessert option; however, combining them with fresh apples and salted caramel will instantly remind everyone of this popular pie. This is a great opportunity to wow everyone by combining some of their favorite desserts all into one! Every bite is going to have that subtle mix of sweet and spice!

Switch it Up with Unique Recipes this Holiday Season

This holiday season, take the opportunity to try something new! Give these recipes a try and watch the guests fall in love with some new, delicious recipes. These options will have everyone asking for more!

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